One of the challenges of breeding is finding just the right home for each puppy or adult; one of the greatest joys is hearing from each family about their Corgi and how happy they make each other.

Ch. Angie & Ch. Clara's sister, Maggie Mae
Echo's daughter Beatrix!
Maggie's brother Wimbledon, in Lake Michigan
Ch. Taggie & Teensy's sister, Joni
Ch. Taggie & Teensy's brother, Myles
Ch. Taggie's son, Gunnar, is very relaxed!
Echo's son Charlie & his best pal, Paisley, wait for Dad
Ch. B. Firefly's singleton son Ollie
Bramblyhedge Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Corgis & Their Families
Photos on this page by Kathy Brandt, Classy Canines and the families who own these Corgis
Judge Sandy Hanson & our Clara at her first match

Gus enjoying his first big snow!